GameLoad 2.0

A game player and web browser extension that do not work
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Having a game player that operates independently from the web browser, and an extension to play automatically the company's games may sound like a good idea, since you can surf the web on your browser and play games on your player without interfering with each other. Nevertheless, this is not the case with this program. After installing and running it, the main window shows a list of six different games that you supposedly can play in the program. But when you click on any of them, none of them works. Some show an error message, others tell you that the game is unavailable, and still others show another list of games. But when you click on any of these, they don't open on the player, but in a new window of your browser, which makes the program almost useless.

Regarding the browser extension, many of the games that it supposedly opens contain adware, and don't let you play until you click on the advertisement. Some of them even ask you to download suspicious programs.

In sum, don't waste your time and energy using a program that is perfectly useless and can damage your equipment.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use


  • None of the links featured works
  • The program is no longer supported
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